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Saturday, October 30, 2010

To Do: Weave

Guess what I found at the local op shop a few weeks ago? A toy weaving loom!!! WOW, this is the next best thing to a seed bead loom that I wanted to get last year. And the best thing is, it was only 3AUD! Sweet.

This is how the things inside looked when I first took it out. Then I turned the box upside down, waiting for the instruction booklet to drop out of the box. But oh horrors! There was no instruction booklet to be found! Woe is me. 

Fortunately, mankind has invented something called the internet and I have already found a couple of good websites here and here that give instructions on weaving on a loom. There was no comb in the box either. But that is fine because I think I can simply get another plastic comb (as in the one used on hair) quite easily.

I can't wait to start weaving. Perhaps I should bring this back home for my summer holidays instead of my sewing machine...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Millefoglie progresses...

I'm loving this Easter break so far. I'm doing my work with minimal procrastination and I am getting my knitting done! 

But I had a rough start for this precious ball of Millefoglie. I didn't have a pattern in mind when I casted on. I was thinking something between a scarf and a shawl, then i decided that one ball is not going to be enough. If I remember correctly I casted on ... thrice. And not to mention how tough it is to frog the yarn! That initial pink furry bit where all the furs get tangled together. 

It all finally came together when I decided to do drop stitches! Yes, a great solution for limited yardage of yarn. You get a longer scarf by cheating.

So, this is how my yarn has been in just 2 days! Don't laugh, damn it. I've got other work to do, so this IS good progress. But I had to stop here for the day because I realised that I don't have enough pearls for the dark red bit and gotta run down to get another pack. But I got down in the late afternoon and by then the shops have closed. (T_T)

I'll go there first thing in the morning tomorrow. 

I really really love the pearl additions!!! 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Holding out a piece of my heart...

Easter break is here!!! Oh god, oh god.

I've been waiting for Easter to come so that I can start givin' some more lovin' to my craftin'.

First up! The absolutely gorgeous Millefoglie yarn that I bought from Spotlight last year during their sale. I only got one ball because the other few balls left were in a pathetic mess from all the rummaging. Geez, I really can't stop admiring it at all. 
This yarn is made up of different yarns of various texture and material. I added little pearls with an orange/pink undertone to the section of plain red yarn. I think it really gave it some extra special quality to it. What do you think?
As I was winding and unwinding the ball of yarn while spacing out the little pearls, I realised that the ball of yarn became a little heart-shaped ball! Ah, perhaps this is the sign of a good start? (n_n)
Hopefully I will be able to get some 7mm knitting needles from Vinnies tomorrow and start casting on soon. I've been wanting to cast this yarn on for so long!

(When I enter 'Millefoglie' into Google, pictures of some tasty sweet pastry comes up. I've never tried it before but now I'd like to!)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ooh La La Slouchy Beret!

I love to knit berets. They are chic, easy to knit and it requires only 1 ball of yarn!

I remember the very first beret that I knitted for myself to practise my increasing and decreasing. It certainly does feels kind of nostalgic talking about it. Well, I made it using cheap white acrylic yarn and it was a little tight. I didn't think I looked good with it so I shoved it all the way to the back of my shelf.

But I have never forgotten about that beret. I have been wanting to make a slouchier version of it. Slouchy hats are all the rage right now in the fashion scene, aren't they? So when Kelly passed me the one ball of yarn that she didn't like, I decided to make a beret out of it.

What she gave away...
Actually, I still don't understand why she didn't like the yarn. It's a soft 100% acrylic with beautiful colours. It's almost like a self-striping yarn!
It seems to be self-striping! (^_^)
So to make the slouchy beret, I used needles that are one size bigger (5.0mm from the original 4.0mm)  and I did 19 more repeat rows in stockinette stitch after the last increase. Meaning to say that After the last increase row I didn't increase anymore, but instead did 19 more rows of stockinette stitch before I move on to the decreasing rows.
The result was a jumbo sized beret. I think I should have started off with smaller needles (I used 4.0mm)  for the ribbings in the beginning. Fortunately, my beret was knitted flat, so I simply stitched up more of the seams again and again after I achieved the desired result. 
So much bigger than my hand! I didn't even have to block it...
I am definitely going to make one for myself. (I have 3 balls of this yarn at home!) 


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yarn storage solution!

I have to admit that I have a very mild yarn addiction even though I am just a beginner at crochet and knitting. So what happened was that the shelf I cleared last year for my set of Kare Kano comic books was filled up with all the yarns that I own. Some of them were bought, some of them were given to me. 

Whatever it is, they are still yarn and I love them all the same. But as the shelf continued to get filled up and my projects gets on hold, I think I had to find a way to organise them and to keep them clean and safe. 

So I bought this box of Ziploc bags at Daiso last week and put my yarns inside them. 

I organised them according to the yarn brand and the colours. 

In the end, this is what I got:

Long live ziploc bags! Now I hope that the shelf will get less packed as I have more or less settled on the patterns to knit and crochet.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Knitting with fabric strips

I think this is the first and the last time that I am trying knitting with fabric strips.

I started out by cutting a piece of old teddy bear prints cloth into long strips and then tying them together to form one single ball of fabric yarn. Initially the whole process was kinda exciting and the yarn looked really yummy to me.

Then while i started catsing them on and knitting them in garter stitch, I realised what a horror it turned out to be! (T_T)

The fabric were all fraying and the result wasn't the least bit like what I have imagined it to be!

And in the end, i ripped it out from my needles and threw it all into the bin.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yarn galore!

I have been shopping at Spotlight lately, and going all gaga over the great yarn sale over there.

So many pretty and yummy yarn that I can't wait to cast all of them on my needles right away.

I have to say that I am getting more and more adventurous in my usage of yarns. I bought several eyelash and furry yarns with the hope that I will one day get to use them as trimmings for my hats and mittens.

But I also have a plan to make a funky heart-shaped furry cushion using the pink-red-black mix of Moda Vera Flurry as a Christmas present for a friend. :)

Oh and look at the scrummy-looking Moda Vera Jelly yarn!!! I really can't take my eyes off the combination of red-white-green the moment my friend showed it to me.

Initially I was having some reservations about getting the blue one because it didn't look as nice as the red version. But then after going home and thinking about it... I decided to get it anyway! Well, it was ON SALE...

And to take full advantages of the discounts, I am now a Spotlight VIP card member. Just a gentle reminder for all who are going on crazy yarn shopping like me - do bring your own shopping bag, say no to plastic bags!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Addicted to knitting

I have been addicted to knitting ever since I started picking them up in May 2008. After my first unofficial project, the beret (maybe I'll talk about that in the next post), I have been feeling rather listless. It just seems weird not to start on an official item and I couldn't do anything at all without thinking about knitting. I think I'm already addicted to knitting!

So I'm really glad that I bought my yarn from Spotlight on Thursday to start on my first official project - Young Hearts scarf. It's actually a simple design that I came up with using purl bumps to show the hearts. I'll probably post the pattern and the finished product once I am done with it. (^_^)v

The yarn that I used is Patons Smoothie DK, 100% acrylic but the texture feels just like cotton and is very good to work with for this pattern. Most importantly, it's 100g/200m for only S$4.95! And I just can't stop drooling at the bubblegum pink that seems good enough to eat! Though I know acrylic isn't really going to keep me warm enough during the cold months in Australia, i just couldn't resist the colour and the texture of the yarn. So i guess I'll probably use the scarf during late Spring or early Autumn. Hee hee.

Hopefully I'll have enough extra to make a matching hat to go with the scarf!

I have many other projects in mind, like the pencil scarf(really cute and geeky!) and the besotted scarf. But for the latter I'll have to master cable first before I really get on with it. As these are the scarf that I am really going to wear in Australia, I want to make sure that they are perfect. I guess right now I do have a very good excuse to knit stuff that I am never going to get to use in hot, sunny Singapore since I am leaving to study in Australia next year!

After these three scarfs I think I will probably move on to either socks or hats. Maybe even a bag! But I wonder when will I gain enough skills and knowledge (not forgetting courage and money) to make a pullover or a jacket. That will be really really cool.

All right I think I am starting to yak aimlessly about my knitting. So I better go off and get on with my knitting!